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We have extensive experience in claim settlement and understand the complexities of the claim process.

You have our assurance
  • To assist you from day one until the claim is finally settled.

  • To keep you regularly informed.

  • To assist in claim negotiation and legal redress, if in any case, denied by the underwriters

Basic Claims Procedures

  • Inform Aim Associates immediately about the loss

  • Take all reasonable precaution to minimize and protect the loss from further damages.

  • Inform police in case of theft, burglary and third party damages

  • Take suitable photographs for damages, if possible, for proof

  • Keep all the documents ready to expedite the settlement

  • Do not admit fault or take any action which could be considered as an admission of liability.

Claim Forms
Complete the Claim Form as below or contact us for any assistance

  • Click on the appropriate file to print out a claim form.

  • Answer all questions fully and honestly.

  • Please call us if you have difficulty completing the form.

  • Ensure that claim form is signed by the policy holder.

  • Post or Fax the completed claim form with any additional documentation to our office.

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